Manual One More Time: There is more to fear from the LHC than black holes.

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No aliens, 2 arrested at 'Storm Area 51' event. Patriots cut Brown amid sexual misconduct accusations. Petrol bombs, tear gas used in Hong Kong protests. Prince Andrew accuser says she was forced to perform sex acts at The gravity near a black hole is so strong that it warps the very fabric of space and time. Black holes sound more like science fiction than fact, but there has been considerable indirect evidence that they exist. They are accepted by the scientific community in spite of an embarrassing admission: nobody has ever directly seen one. Well, until now. Don Lincoln. Scientists have announced the first direct observation of a black hole at the center of a galaxy named M M87 is a supergiant elliptical galaxy in the constellation Virgo.

It is one of the largest galaxies in the nearby universe. Where "nearby" is the staggering distance of 53 million light years. Astronomers really do think big. Now a little bit of care is necessary to understand exactly what was done. Black holes are, well, black. By definition, they do not emit any light. So, the black hole was not observed directly. However, black holes are also surrounded by ordinary matter that is caught in the hole's gravitational grip. This matter, which is typically just gas of the same type that makes up our sun, orbits the black hole at very high speeds.

All of that fast-moving gas gets heated up to the point where it glows and emits all sorts of forms of electromagnetic radiation, from heat to light to radio waves. Intervening gas blocks the visible heat and light, so astronomers look for the radio waves. You'd think that astronomers would announce that they detected this halo of radio waves surrounding the hole, and that is part of the story. However, it's more complicated than that.

Because of the very strong gravity near the black hole, some of the light and radio waves are captured by it and don't escape.

Black holes and The Flash: new book explores why people fear particle accelerators

The result is that a black hole looks like a ring of light, with a shadow in the middle. Essentially, from a distance, the picture astronomers released of the M87 black hole looks like a coffee ring left on a piece of paper, albeit a colored one. Nobel Prize-winning detectors revealed a cosmic cataclysm. Since the astronomers used radio waves to see the black hole, the colors aren't what you would see with your eye. But they do have meaning. What we are seeing is the gas surrounding the black hole.

One side is bright and one is dim because the black hole is spinning. The yellow shows the side of the black hole spinning toward us and the reddish side is spinning away. Aside from the difficulties associated with seeing something that is perfectly black, another difficulty is their size.

Ordinary black holes, which have a mass the few times as big as our Sun, are only about as big as the city of Chicago. Combined with their great distances, they are simply too small to see with modern technology. Seeing the closest known black hole is as difficult as a telescope in New York City seeing a single molecule in Los Angeles.

This is well beyond current technical capabilities. Luckily, the center of nearly all galaxies contain an enormous black hole. For example, the one in the center of our Milky Way galaxy has the mass of about 4 million times that of our sun with a radius about 30 times that of the sun. However, the black hole at the center of M87 is truly gigantic. Its mass is about 7 billion times the mass of our sun. And its dimensions are huge as black holes go.

It is a sphere with a radius about times that of the Earth's orbit or about three times bigger than the average orbit of Pluto. Einstein's theory was put to the test. Im going to keep putting this until sum1 answers the question!!!!!!!!!!!! It goes like this God created us all and gave us scriptures and other things to follow but he also left us with a need to know more. So what am saying is we are in internal limbo. Maybe we have gotten a little further than the last time but who knows.

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According to the Hindu tradition of cosmology, we are now nearing the end of the Kali Yuga the Age of Iron which is the final and most negative of four evolutionary Yugic cycles. Each Yuga is like the season of a super-cosmic year, even greater than the cosmic year of the precession of the equinoxes. This was the original Golden Age. In the Kali Yuga the vibration has become pretty murky and humanity is labouring against heavy odds.

Righteousness right-use-ness has diminished to scant one fourth of its original strength. No wonder the human race is having such a difficult time. But the turning point has now arrived, and the dawn once more sheds its light on a confused and ignorant planet. The leaders, with the excuses of fiscal need, will rob and despoil their subjects and take away private property. Moral values and the rule of the law will lessen from day to day until the world will be completely perverted and agnosticism will gain the day among men.

There are many other references to this division of time. The feet and toes were of iron mixed with clay. This image was destroyed by stone, unmade by human hands, which crushed the feet to dust and the pieces blew away in the wind. Although Daniel the prophet interpreted the various metals as the world empires which succeeded Babylon, the dream also has a more cosmic meaning.

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It represents the great yugas. The iron legs are the Iron Age or Kali Yuga which deteriorates at the end of its cycle into the present unstable civilisation symbolised by the feet of iron and clay. The prophet interpreted the stone as the true kingdom of God which would replace the other civilisations as the real and lasting Kingdom. They were both last spotted talking gibberish and looking for the plot that they had both quite obviously lost.

Nothing is gona happen Im from Russia and Il be on this page again on the 11th of Sep 08 and then I will tell u all that u were all rong… Reading all your comments one sticks out nice Loop has got a good understanding on this, what kind of a name is loop but anyway c u all,……. If you are all concerned about anything involving the end of the earth and all that is on it….. And by the way have any of you read the Book of Revelation or for that matter any of the new testament?

5 Things You Need to Know About the Large Hadron Collider Now

If the experiment is succesful, the ammount of theorys this will proove and disproove is unimaginable. For those of you who say you could spend the money on better things, what like? There is nothing better to discover more technology, energy which is polution free and has no end. Imagine what we could do with what we could create? We will finally know where we came from and where the universe is heading.

Creating Black holes & The 'God' Particle - The Edge

How it will end. Lets say the worse case scenario happens, a black hole is created which scientist are certain will not happen. Do you realise how much energy is needed to keep a black hole alive? Do you people know how black holes are created?

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A black hole is produced by some dying stars. A star with a mass greater than 20 times the mass of our Sun may produce a black hole at the end of its life. In the normal life of a star there is a constant tug of war between gravity pulling in and pressure pushing out. Nuclear reactions in the core of the star produce enough energy to push outward. However, when a star runs out of nuclear fuel, gravity gets the upper hand and the material in the core is compressed even further.

The more massive the core of the star, the greater the force of gravity that compresses the material, collapsing it under its own weight. A black hole is defined by the escape velocity that would have to be attained to escape from the gravitational pull exerted upon an object.

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The escape velocity of an object depends on how compact it is; that is, the ratio of its mass to radius. A black hole is an object so compact that, within a certain distance of it, even the speed of light is not fast enough to escape. For the people who worry about the earth ending in , Every Time the date passes they make up a new one. And yes, maths is a huge factor when it comes to physics. Maths and physics got us where we are today. Why the hell would people be so stupid to create something to kill everyone if really is going to happen?

Even though i think it wont work, and nothing will happen, and even if a black whole does appear it will be so fast to disappear, and small that nothing will happen. Which is what happened years before this, and so on.